Cost Savings and Operating Efficiency

The pricing of the Blast Bag Company products give the client the ability to save significant money on every job. Clients have informed us that by utilizing the BlastBag®, Fin Fan BlastBag®, and Trough, they were able to save over $2,500 per exchanger in clean up costs. Think of what that could save you on a turnaround, shutdown, or outage! You could also annualize those savings for routine maintenance on your facility.  Not to mention the time saved in setup and alternative containment methods. Using our products properly eliminates the need to clean up afterwards and allow for other jobs to be completed in less time. There is nothing that compares to the effectiveness and simplicity of our patented BlastBag®.

For the Flange Wrap, we have saved clients over $80,000 in catastrophic clean up costs on lines that were "decontaminated and purged". Not bad for about a $150 investment and one minute of extra work, right? 

Environmental Awareness and Protection

The Blast Bag Company products help reduce the environmental impact of facilities with hazardous chemicals. By using our containment devices, you can route waste water and chemicals to the proper locations at your facility, keeping it off of the ground entirely. Having no liquid touch the ground is an option, and we can help you accomplish that goal through our products along with custom design.